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Which Fruits Will Help You Lose Weight Quickly?

Its a well known fact that the only real way to lose weight is by eating healthily; making sure you get plenty of fruits and vegetables, lowering fat intake and boosting your protein count. However, did you know that some fruits (and veggies) can help you lose weight quicker than others? Here are some of those fat busting fruits by Europa Pharmacy.


Lemons are great for our body, because they work as a natural detox for the liver. Despite tasting acidic, they are actually full of alkaline which can help our metabolism, bodily tissues and fluids. The liver is one of the main organs that helps to break down fat and digest food, so ensuring it works well is vitally important. By detoxing your liver with lemons, you can speed up the process of weight loss by an impressive amount. Plus, lemons are only around 17 calories each!


It’s important to avoid fatty foods when on a diet, but not the healthy fatty acids! Avocado is packed full of Omega 9 fatty acids which are great for those who want to lose weight. This type of fat can help speed up your metabolism and also get turned into energy much quicker than other fats. You’ll also find these fatty acids in foods such as olive oil and some nuts. If you’re unsure what to do with avocado, try to make yourself a healthy guacamole dip.


Mangoes are an amazing fruit to eat when dieting, because they work as natural appetite suppressants. They’re full of fibre, which is great for those who want to lose weight the healthy way. The high nutrient content in a mango means you can get all of your daily vitamins without having to eat a whole ton of food. If you don’t like the taste of mango then opt for something such as African mango plus supplements, which are still filled with nutrients.


Not only do tomatoes go with pretty much anything, but they’re also really good for your body. This fruit is full of vitamins, including Vitamin C, and works as a natural fat burning stimulant. Eating tomatoes helps to produce a certain amino acid, called carnitine, which can help boost metabolisms and burn fat. According to recent research, carnitine can speed up fat burning by around a third. There’s only 18 calories in 100g of tomatoes, too.


According to a study in 2013, one woman added a whole load of grapefruit to her diet (without changing anything else) and lost 20 pounds in 13 weeks! We’re not entirely sure how accurate this study was, but it sounds like pretty impressive stuff. Many nutritionists sing the praises of this delicious fruit, saying that it really can help burn fat. There’s no harm in trying, is there?


Last up, one that we had to make sure was definitely classed as a fruit! There are so many health benefits to coconuts that we’d need a whole other article to explain them all, and they can boost metabolism by around 30%. They also have a low GI, which means that they can make you feel fuller for longer.

Remember, it is important to eat a balanced diet and so don’t just plan to survive on fruit for the next few weeks. Mix your fat busting fruit with plenty of vegetables, protein, healthy fats and some carbs for the perfect diet.

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