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How the Underprivileged Can Access Quality Education through Crowdfunding

Scores of Indian nonprofits have come up with the most brilliant solutions for illiteracy and lack of education among the underprivileged in the past. What has stagnated their efforts repeatedly has been the same cause: lack of funding. Their work goes unrecognized in the sea of nonprofits competing to get attention. Their projects are lost on social media networks due to a lack of a smart strategy. Their efforts are forgotten by the individuals that find them and show concern, due to a lack of a transparent donation platform.

Crowdfunding India like Impact Guru provides NGOs the perfect opportunity to counter the several problems of funding. By writing powerful stories and sharing easily straight from their fundraiser pages, NGOs can now build a large network of donors. They are able to accept contributions on a safe platform and create buzz on social media. Nonprofits and social enterprises like Navgurukul have been able to provide college-level quality education to underprivileged youth and pull them out of poverty thanks to the ease of crowdfunding.

How a nonprofit initiative is fueling a project for tribal children through crowdfunding

Kalayika Tribal Welfare Society works to provide quality education alleviate child labour, especially among girl children who work as house maids. They also work to eradicate child marriage, domestic violence, women harassment and trafficking. Their latest project struggles to rehabilitate street children and tailor them to fit into an academic environment. Unable to access a wide network of donors and provide them a safe donation platform, KTWS turned to Impact Guru to raise funds.

KTWS targets its projects and initiatives mainly towards groups like tribals, dalits, minorities, scheduled castes and backward castes. Social crowdfunding has helped kick off hundreds of past projects to improve the lives of these communities and include them in the society. Platforms like Impact Guru have seen campaigns to encourage tribal artists and educate tribal children.

This nonprofit has been constantly working to bring impactful change to these communities through their projects. They have been building sustainable and innovative solutions for years; some of their past achievements include holding blood donation camps in tribal areas, empowering tribal farmers with sustainable agriculture techniques, awareness programs on HIV/AIDS, providing clean water for community health and construction of toilets and drainage systems.

Many of their projects (and countless other nonprofit initiatives) have been made a reality solely through crowdfunding. Choose to support an impoverished community today!

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