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Traumatic Stress in Recovery: The Importance of Getting Help in Skokie

When an individual is admitted to an inpatient drug rehab Skokie, one essential step of the addiction recovery process involves identifying the underlying causes of the person’s drug addiction.  This needs to be done, because if it is not done then a recovery, a true recovery, probably will not happen or at least won’t be permanent.  For many people, men and women alike, a traumatic event or series of events contributed to drug or alcohol abuse in the first place.  A stressful situation may have done it too. Successful addiction recovery requires patients to address these issues and really get down to the bottom of them once and for all.


The drug rehabilitation specialists at a good quality center will work closely with each addict to develop the treatment program that best fits their needs and wants.  One must be sure to find a center to go to that can really and effectively get down to the bottom of these issues and to pull them up to view as quickly and as effectively as is possible.

Some elements of a treatment program that addresses what is really needed for addicted Skokie addicts may include but are not limited to:

  • individual therapy
  • group therapy
  • electives
  • outdoor therapies
  • holistic approaches
  • religious approaches
  • psycho educational presentations to help one address both addiction and past trauma

Some patients who are undergoing treatment for co-occurring disorders can benefit from art and music therapy too that can really get to the bottom of the key issues. Self-expression through these mediums is a safe way to explore negative thought patterns and release challenging emotions that otherwise might stay pent up.

Why Addressing These Issues is so Important for Skokie Addicts

Addiction is terrible, but there does exist a way to beat it.  Drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and treatment centers that are specifically designed to treat any type of addiction in existence have recently reported a vast increase in the numbers of individual addicts seeking treatment for crystal meth addictions of varying degrees of severity.  In the year of 1992 for example, there were only about 21,000 admissions into treatment centers for meth addiction.  In the year of 2004 however, this number jumped to more than 150,000 in just that one year, resulting in an increase of over seven hundred percent making this the fastest growing drug in the nation.  For the residents of Skokie, rehab is the key because few cities have seen drug problems the likes of which Skokie is currently struggling with.

The problem in Skokie is that prevention has been attempted, but prevention doesn’t really work on a permanent level.  There has been much upset traded back and forth about what to do about the nation’s drug problem.  It certainly is a growing one.  Prevention, or the efforts to stop drug and alcohol abuse and addiction before it even occurs, have been highly ineffective.  Essentially, it is thought that the only addiction solutions will come with inpatient rehabilitation ones, or efforts that focus on making people who are addicts no longer addicts any more.  This could be quite effective.  Essentially, addicts, (as long as they are permitted to remain addicts), will without a doubt find ways to get drugs and alcohol into their area, in spite of all preventative measures.  This being said, it follows logically that the absolute best ways to tackle addiction then would be to simply remove all those who are addicted from any given area, thusly also removing the need for prevention too.  This is key for Skokie.

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