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The evolution of content marketing with ValueMags

ValueMags is a company that is based out of Chicago, Illinois. They have been in the magazine business for over a decade and understand the direction it is going. Since competition is tough, they always have to keep a step ahead to see where the next best opportunity lies.

There are many ways to get ahead of competition and that is through online marketing. One of the best ways to get organic engagement without spending too much is through content marketing. The key is to be creative about the content you write and the title is the most important aspect of it since it is the first thing people will see when scrolling through. Recently, there have been many marketers who believe that the best way to build relationships with customers is with stories and customer education. These do work but are not enough to garner the consistent attention and even get customers to perform an action you want; pitches and calls-to-action are still important. ValueMags, being in the field of content, knows this all too well.

There are two reasons why there is such a shift in the content marketing world. Because of the increasing importance for companies to be on top of producing great content, it is being too saturated by a lot of players. The second issue is the fact that anyone even remotely involved in the space like marketing agencies and publishers are all offering this kid of service. Even the content that we think should be from good and reputable places end of being empty.

When it comes to good content creation, ValueMags is aware of breakthrough storytelling. With new technology, people are always interested in buying into it ven though the content may not be too good. For example, at the beginning of the 20th century, movies were just taking off since the technology to produce it was becoming available. Since people have never seen this before, they would want to go watch for themselves even though the actual storyline of the movies were not so good.

Companies who combine tech and great data will have an edge over competition. Strategy is the third pillar to make sure you are ahead of the game when it comes to content marketing. The key in this step is knowing who you are creating the content for.

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