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How Safe Is The Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is not something to be taken lightly, because every surgery carries its own risks. If you are looking for a perfect doctor for the procedure, you can call the best breast reduction surgeon in Sydney, Dr Naveen Somia.

Usually, women who have enlarged breasts tend to have back, neck and shoulder pain, which can keep them from doing even daily tasks. The breast reduction surgery is meant to remove the extra tissue and skin from the breasts, and your breasts will be nicely reshaped and resized.

Psychological problems

However, having big breasts does not only cause physical pain, it can also cause some psychological problems. Many women dream of having the perfect pair of big breasts, but many women also want to get rid of them. This is because big breasts do not only cause everyday pain, they are also the reason why women lose their confidence.

Big breasts might impact you in a psychological matter

Having body confidence is something very important, for both men and women. By having huge breasts, you are not able to hide them, and showing them to the world is a bit too much, which is why women tend to protective and even depressed.

On the other hand, we all know that women love to shop for new clothes and lingerie, to look sexy for their man. Well, most of the clothes and lingerie that is being sold is not going to fit every woman, especially the ones who have enlarged breasts.

Men can have this surgery as well

While women are the ones who usually have this procedure done, men can also have it. This can happen if men have enlarged breasts that make them seem too big and feminine. Guys with that condition are also at risk of being depressed.

The surgery

After the procedure is done, your breasts will be wrapped in a gauze, and you might be required to wear a surgical bra. Most women will have some pain after the procedure is done, and milder pain a week or two later. Wearing a surgical bra will help you reduce swelling and support your breasts while they heal.


The most common risks:

  1. Scars are known to be very common with breast reduction and breast implants. Sometimes you might end up with surgical scars that will be quite visible. Usually, how bad the scars are will vary from one person to the next, depending on your skin in general. In addition, the price and the way that the procedure is done can affect scarring as well, so you should talk to your doctor.
  2. Unevenly positions nipples or breasts that are visible a different shape and size is another problem that might occur.
  3. Loss of feelings in the nipples and around them. This usually happens temporarily, as it last just a couple of months, but it can stay like that forever. However, it can also have the opposite effect, as your breasts become overly sensitive.

Inability to breastfeed is another risk of breast reduction surgery

Final word

For those of you who are looking for a good surgeon, you should do your research first before scheduling the surgery itself. For example, Dr Naveen Somia is known to be a great cosmetic and plastic surgeon, so you can give him a call and schedule a consultation where you can discuss what type of an operation would make you happy.

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