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Never Try to Take Alcohol Along with Testosterone Steroids

We all know that male testicles produce testosterone naturally and many men drink alcohol too. Now there are people, who often wonder whether they can also consume alcohol when they take testosterone steroid. You must understand that there is a difference between the two situations. In normal condition, your testicles is naturally producing this hormone, but by taking extra hormone externally and along with that consuming alcohol can have serious repercussion.

Can we increase our testosterone by consuming alcohol?

Most of the body builders consume steroids to complement their effort in body building exercises and improving athletic performances. All these activities to increase stamina, muscles and strength are meant for increasing manliness of the person. Therefore, these prescription drugs are usually recommended for them who are diagnosed with low level of testosterone. This is also meant for growth, and development of health and wellness.  

DO NOT drink alcohol when you are taking such drug that is supplying hormones externally too. Not only testosterone, taking alcohol with any other drug can be harmful and can negatively impact your health.

Not only is it harmful to take this drug in the form of tablet. Many people also prefer to use testosterone in the form of cream, gels and lotion as such products are also available in the market. For all such products, there is standing instruction that one must avoid consuming alcohol.

Drinking alcohol not only interacts negatively with the drug, but defeats the purpose of the drug completely and may result in certain undesirable side effects. Some of these side effects are irreversible.

According to medical experts, drinking of alcohol can affect the function of your pituitary gland and the gland related to the man’s testicles. This gland is responsible for controlling various other glands in our system and secretes necessary hormones. Therefore, alcohol is completely forbidden if you are taking any steroids such as testosterone.

What are the side effects of mixing alcohol with the hormone therapy?

Alcohol can certainly affect your hormone production and along with that if you also take hormone therapy then it can cause plenty of physical, mental and emotional problems. Some of the side effects are as follows –

  • High BP
  • Eye pain
  • Chest pain
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Severe headache
  • Lower potassium level that may create heart complications
  • Blood with cough
  • Swelling or inflammation of pancreas
  • Vision problem

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