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Lack of Sleep and Sexual Health

An individual should sleep at least eight hours per day, but many business people always try to steal an hour or an hour and a half from their healthy sleep to give this time to work or other stuff like watching TV, playing games, or chatting online. But researchers that study sexual health believe that the lack of healthy sleep affects sexual health and performance of every man. Sexual problems associated with the lack of sleep can force a person to go online and seek help in medications purchased from online pharmacies like Best-pharmacy.net.

Having studied for a prolonged period of time individuals with the lifestyle that didn’t give them enough time for a healthy sleep, researchers made the following conclusions:

  • Firstly, the lack of sleep had a negative impact on the sexual life of these men. The longer they lived without getting enough sleep, the worse the quality of their erection was. Researchers assumed that regular lack of sleep lasting for several years can cause erectile dysfunction. And in the case of such sexual dysfunction, a man suffering from this condition can purchase cheap drugs on the Internet.
  • Secondly, men with chronic lack of sleep can experience such phenomena as sexsomnia or sleep sex, a condition when an individual engages in sexual activities while sleeping. The potential danger of this condition is associated with unintentional injuries that can occur during sleep movements.

Moreover, other studies discovered that skipping sleep can significantly decrease the levels of testosterone in healthy men in as little as seven day. Low testosterone levels have a bunch of negative consequences for men, including poor reproduction and sexual behavior. Doctors believe that men should not ignore the damage caused to the body by the lack of sleep. If a man wants his body to function properly and to get the best of his sex life, he should have enough sleep every day.

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