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Genotropin is a synthetic hormone which is a form of growth hormone and is used in therapy for people who are deficit with the Growth hormone. Growth hormone is used for accelerating the muscle growth and gives a good physique.  When the levels of the hormones are already sufficient in the body and more are injected, it leads to many side effects. Genotropin and Genotropin Human Growth Hormone come with benefits and also drawbacks.

Synthetic HGH

This synthetic growth hormone Genotropin, is created by using recombinant DNA and is similar to the growth hormone which is produced naturally by the pituitary gland. The result produced by Genotropin in the body of the adults is same as that of the pituitary gland generated hormone. When Genotropin is used for diagnosing the growth hormone deficiency in children then it helps in stimulating the linear growth. It also helps in normalizing the IGF-I, insulin like growth factor-1 and somatomedin C concentrations in the body when treated in special conditions. When Genotropin HGH is used in adults, it helps in fat reduction and lean body mass in increased. It also helps in metabolizing the fats as well as sugars. It stimulates protein anabolism.

Dosage of Genotropin and how it affects the body

Genotropin’s mechanism will have pharmacodyanmic effect on the growth of the cells and also skeletal growth. It also effects the protein, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism. Genotropin will have protein catabolism and has half life which is of three hours when it is injected. This Genotropin’s bioavailability is same in males as well as in females. The dosage of Genotropin for bodybuilding totally depends on the age, his condition. Genotropin was first used when there are issues which are related to the deficiencies of growth hormone. This deficiency causes short for gestational age, growth hormone deficiency and turner syndrome.

Results for bodybuilding

When growth hormone is injected into the body, when the levels are normal, lead to higher levels of HGH and it results in side effects. The injectable growth hormone is never recommended non medical use. Though Genortorpin HGH will be tempting for the bodybuilders, one must remember that this growth hormone can promote in the growth of the muscle tissues and also the other cells in the body. But it does not help in making the muscles stronger. When the growth hormone injections are used, and then stopped the results are also faded slowly.  This Genotropin comes with side effects, so one must be careful and use the injections under the guidance of a physician. The contraindications include diabetics, hypersensitivity, illness and active malignancies. Excess dose can lead to edema, gigantism. One can naturally increase muscle mass which helps in promoting the human growth hormone. Many steroids and growth hormone use in banned, and illegal use of HGH is not recommended. When a body builder is looking for using Genotropin, for weigh loss or antiaging they must be caution. They need to consult a physician as they are planning to use the growth hormone. If a person is having any medical condition, the use of Genotropin HGH must be careful.

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