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Gallstones easy treatment

When you eat foods that contain a large number of fats, for example, French fries, pizza, fried chicken (most fried foods) and also butter, margarine or oil, your body needs to work a little bit extra hard to digest that much of fat. This food goes to your stomach and intestines, and it is then when the gallbladder gets into action adding some bile to mix with the fat and allow your body to absorb it.


What happens next?


Inside the gallbladder, there can be gallstones, which are mainly made from two components, cholesterol or bilirubin. Around 90% of cases of gallstones are due to cholesterol stones. They are basically an excess of cholesterol and therefore bile cannot mix it and dissolve it and it starts to get more and more solid and bigger.


Sometimes, cholesterol stones are not formed because of an unhealthy diet but because of a lack of the salts and acids that are necessary to keep cholesterol diluted in bile. This is the reason why some people are more prone to develop cholesterol stones, so keep an eye to your family history on gallstones and you will have some information.


The second type of stones is formed of bilirubin and calcium that, again, is contained in excess in the gallbladder and starts to precipitate in the form of solid calcium-bilirubin stones.


Diagnosis of Gallstones


Since cholesterol gallstones are the most common and these cannot be seen on x-rays, gallstones are many times undiagnosed and many people can lead a normal life without problems and pain or discomfort.  Pigmented, or bilirubin gallstones are, on the contrary, visible on x-rays and if the patient is getting one for some other reason, there is a chance of noticing the stones even though there is no pain or discomfort yet.


General risk factors


Women are at a bigger risk of suffering from gallstones than men. Estrogen is to blame in this case since this hormone increases the chances of forming cholesterol stones. This is directly related to the fact that contraceptive pills are also an element of higher risk in the formation of gallstones, these pills usually contain estrogen.


Since most gallstones are made of cholesterol, having an unhealthy diet is considered a risk factor in the probability of having gallstones. Obesity is therefore directly connected with gallstones, besides other more acute conditions and diseases.


Treatment for gallstones


Prevention is always the best option when it comes to health-related issues. It is better to pay attention to risk factors and try to avoid fatty foods in order to control gallstone formation. There are, anyway, people who have a family history of gallstones and cannot avoid having them at some point. In some cases there is some natural treatment to dissolve gallstone naturally that can help alleviate symptoms and get rid of the possibility of unwanted surgery.


Mint tea


Add some mint leaves to boiling water and let it boil for about 5 minutes so that the water takes on most of the essence of the mint. Add some honey once the tea has cooled down a bit and drink it. This can be done two or three times a day for better and faster results.


Lemon Juice


This should not be drank pure. Take a cup of warm water and mix it with two or three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. It is ideal to drink it in the morning when you haven’t eaten yet.


Multi-vegetable juice


Take the juice of one beetroot, one cucumber, and one carrot, mix them and drink it a few times a day. This will help you dissolve gallstones. Although the flavor may not be something you are familiar with it is important to remember that our body does not need refined sugar, use honey if you want to sweeten your drink.


Remember the best thing to do at first is to avoid health complications if you feel the pain of something out of place with your body go and see a doctor first. There are many serious complications that a patient can have for not going to the doctor on time. Gallstones are a very common condition, but you should not underestimate them.


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