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Find Massage and Meditation At Your Next Destination Spa Visit

Obviously, when you visit a destination spa, you can get skin care treatments. Indeed, dermatology is available at every Euro spa Quebec, which makes a lot of sense since the skin is the body’s largest organ and it is the one that is regularly exposed to shifts in hot and cold and to the many toxins in our surrounding environment.  


Everybody can use a good massage every once in a while.  Massage should help to relieve all—or, at least, most—of the tension you pick up throughout your stressful week.  Not everyone carries tension in the same places and in the same ways but most of the time, the neck and shoulders take the biggest hit.  Your feet, too, could probably use a little attention (also part of the appeal of the pedicure). But there are many different types of massage you can pursue, each designed to provide different types of benefits:

    • Swedish Massage (the most common, medium-pressure)
    • Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Massage (common, mid-to-hard pressure)
    • Lymph Drainage Massage (specialty)
    • Reflexology Massage (specialty)
    • Thai Massage (specialty, somewhat extreme)


Skin care is great and massage can be exquisite but what you might really need is a little meditation. At a destination spa, you might find that while releasing some tension is important, freeing your mind from the daily grind might be a little more important.

Meditation is actually similar to massage in that no single style or philosophy is necessarily going to work the same for everyone.  Indeed, some meditation is designed to help you clear your mind while others are designed to help you focus on a specific thought or desire.

For example:

    • Primordial Sound Meditation involves making a humming or repeating a specific sound in order to focus your attention on a single idea; the goal is to remove you from the physical senses
    • Mindfulness Meditation involves deep breathing and aligning the body with the mind to reach deep relaxation
    • Zen Meditation uses Buddhist philosophies to achieve a higher state of consciousness
    • Transcendental Meditation involves focusing on a single sound—like a mantra—in order to unite breath and thought and calm the mind.

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