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Disadvantages Of Using Kamagra You Might Have To Consider

Just as Kamagra oral gel is often more preferable to Viagra, it also has got its limitations. Once it is used it may have both positive and negative impacts. Here are some of the limitations of using Kamagra:

  1. It has not yet been legally accepted.

Kamagra is a drug that is classified as medicinal, but it has not yet been given the required licenses in the European Union countries. This means that it is illegally sold in the developed countries. The major reason as to why it is not yet been licensed is because of its many negative impacts on the body once it is taken regularly as a drug. That is why a physician will always advice you to take the right dosage only when you are likely to have sex. It is not something that you take daily unless you have sex daily. If you want to buy this medicine, you can find it at kamelef website.

  1. it cannot make you last for long

The duration at which Kamagra can make you become sexually stimulated is about 3-5 hours. It does not have long lasting stimulation as compared to Viagra whose effects last for about 48 hours. This means that in case you want to last longer in bed, then you need to take another dosage after 3-5 hours so that it can keep you sexually stimulated. So, that is a shortcoming of

  1. Kamagra is an allopathic medicine

The term allopathic is used to mean that once Kamagra is taken regularly into the body, it will have some adverse effects on the body. The effects may not be the same from person to person. They depend on the medical history of the person taking the drugs and the genes of the person. The adverse effects may include some allergic reactions, changes in the blood pressure of the person or at times it may cause headaches.

  1. In some minimal cases, it may cause a bleeding disorder

This mostly occurs when taken in large amounts or when not taken under a doctor’s prescription. It may increase the blood pressure in the blood vessels and may consequently result to the bursting of the blood vessels just in case the blood pressure is more than the pressure the vessels can handle. So, it is very important to take the right dosage and only when you need it.

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