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Bad Hair Transplant Correction Needs an Expert Hand

If you are finding the result of having multiple scars or a single linear scar on the donor portion of the scalp or an unnatural hairline design on the top and frontal area of the scalp after having a hair transplant surgery means you become a victim of a bad hair transplant. The removal of grafts from the safe donor area onto the receiving portion of the scalp needs an extreme aesthetical planning in order to present the best aesthetic effect of the procedure. The hair transplant is all based on the graft/hair follicles shifting from the hair zone to the no hair zone from the patient’s own scalp in terms of getting the head of hair as the result of the procedure.

It is mandatory that your hair transplant Surgeon is an expert in doing so and possesses many years of experience along with an extreme artistic sense and knowledge for placement of graft with a natural result. The bad or a wrong hair transplant can be defined with the wrongly placed grafts with unnatural fashion that deviate the natural angle & direction of hair roots with multiple dotted scars in the donor area of the scalp. The wrongly placed grafts or a bad hair transplant needs a hair transplant repair surgery that is all possible in the pink city, Jaipur as the City has the best availability of the expert Surgeon as well as the standard facilities & care on a budget-cost option. A many numbers of patients both from national & foreign used to come to Jaipur to get the correct procedure of the bad hair transplants.

The Factors that need Precision and an expert Knowledge in order to avoid the chances of a bad Hair transplant are as follows:

Closing the Incision area after FUT Hair Transplant

The donor area closure after taking the strip of the skin for graft removal during the FUT technique should be closed with the advanced closing technique of the Trichophytic closure so that the result would be found out with a minimal or negligible scar. The Trichophytic closure allows a Surgeon the close the wounded part with an overlapping manner and hence the regrowth of hair are possible just from the edges of the incision gives a totally negligible scar of the hair transplant procedure. The expert Surgeons are only allowing the Trichophytic closure to close the incision area after taking the strip in the FUT technique.

Avoid FUE Technique until there is not a Crucial Requirement

Generally, the FUE hair transplant technique leaves a multiple scars all over the scalp after the procedure as the dynamic punches are targeted to extract the hair roots and FUE procedure compels a Surgeon to target the unsafe area because each individual punching requires an aesthetic distance to the next that automatically limits the number of graft extraction and the area of extraction as well. The multiple punching results in multiple scars on the scalp that fails the aesthetic concerns of the procedure needs a hair transplant repair surgery often.

The making of Hairline Design

The making of hairline design is one of the most concerning aspects of the hair transplant procedure that needs a careful planning, decision, and introspection. The making of the hairline is a 100% artistic skill and only an expert Surgeon can perform it with utmost better results. A careful planning for each hair graft is needed while placing it into the recipient area where it is needed to place. The surgeon always keeps the aesthetic concern in his mind with the aspects of the proper angle & direction of the hair root placement. A transplant result can go wrong even with minute differences with graft placement needs an extreme artistic skill & precision.


Summarizing all, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration needs an extreme knowledge and a sense of artistic skill to avoid the failure of the procedure. However, the procedure must be performed with an expert hair transplant Surgeon in order to achieve the best outcomes.

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