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Androx 400; The SECRET to its Amazing Results

Androx 400 is a blend of different kinds of Testosterone compounds. This is administered through an intramuscular injection which will be done once a week during a cycle. If you are looking to bulk up the hard way, you can get amazing results with Androx 400 is just a short period of time. However, this drug does not sound too familiar since this is quite new to the market.

Like any other steroid, the use of this steroid testosterone for performance-enhancing is strictly regulated by amateur and professional sports associations. But for most users who want to achieve the best physique, products like Androx 400 is the best mix of their training and workout regimen.

The Androx 400 Profile.

Androx 400 is composed of several testosterone types. This combination works together to form this very potent product. It is not like many products that are readily available for purchase. Androx 400 is not a homeopathic supplement. Androx 400 includes:

  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate 100 mg
  • Testosterone Cypionate 100 mg
  • Testosterone Isohexanoate 100 mg
  • Testosterone Decanoate 100 mg.

This Androx 400 blend comes in liquid suspension. It can be bought in two packages; 10 bottles with 1 mL each or a larger bottle of 10mL each which is used by medical professionals for clinical purposes. Other forms of this product which is used for replacement therapy which is usually administered in a gel in a much lower dosage than recommended if you are planning to bulk up.

About the Androx Manufacturer.

Androx 400 is created by Thaiger Pharmaceuticals which is based in India. According to the manufacturer, they need the WHO standards and procedures which gives them the authority to offer international shipments. Here, they will require an upfront payment and would most prefer a bank transfer than a money order. But still, they will accept any form of payment from major currencies.

Organon UK also has Sustanon which is quite similar to the testosterone products compounded at different strengths. Sustanon was originally created for therapeutic hormone replacements. This one has undergone some scientific tests which makes it the much preferred among these two choices. However, Sustanon is only available at 250 mg dosage.

The Results.

For users who are new to hormonal therapy. You can expect a 20-pound weight gain in the first couple of months. The change would usually be with the muscles. It does not build strength, but taking this product will definitely let you use the new muscle mass while increasing your workout performance. Over time, the effects would be lesser this is why users don’t have a choice but to up their dosage to continue to bulk up.

When using any product that you are not familiar with, like Androx 400 for example, do your own researches before you buy a bottle for your cycle? It is best if you fully understand everything about the drug which includes the mechanism of action, its correct dosage, and frequency of use, as well as its positive and negative results. This will help you regret your decisions in the future. Weigh your options. You always have a choice.

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